Welcome to VET Centre Queensland

We specialise in Agri-Tourism Eco and Agri-Tourism (EaAT), Agriculture, Aquaculture, Conservation and Land Management (CaLM), Rural Training (Chainsaws, ATV's & Tractors), Tourism, Hospitality, Personal/self development & empowerment, Development of Entrepreneurs, Development of Businesses, Team building, Leadership/awareness courses, Mentoring, and Developing new EaAT businesses. The VET Centre conducts training at various locations throughout Queensland. Our specialty courses include:
  • Triple J Course- Junior Jillaroo/Jackaroo course for high school children McLeod's Daughters - 2 or 3 day get-a-way for women
  • Father and Son - 3 day connection camp held in rainforest setting
  • Employment Plus - A course to re-ignite purpose and passion for the long-term unemployed
  • Team Building - A course to create and strengthen team spirit, creativity and productivity in the corporate sector
  • Agriculture & rural training - Readying all ages for work in rural sector
  • Sustainable Agri-Tourism courses- Training both employee's and business operators with both theory and practical experience in Industry. Training in Australian Farmstay and Camping businesses.


VET Centre Qld

Vocation, Education & Training through the philosophies & the disciplines of 'Natural Horsemanship' is the corner stone of what sets VET Centre Qld apart from traditional training. Our Eco & Agri-Tourism training is hands on, training 'on country'.