Vince’s first step in achieving one of his goals was to develop a working horse and cattle property, within 2 hours drive of Brisbane.

He then embarked on not only setting up a beautiful Eco Retreat & Equine Resort called ‘Brooloo Park’ but also followed his passion in the Rural & Agriculture sector and redefined the business structure and goals of V.E.T. Centre Qld.

The ‘E’ part of VET was accomplished with Education training programmes with horses: weanlings, yearlings, 2 yr olds and re-training of problem horses & their riders.
Focussing on the ‘V’ which stands for Vocational. A lot of opportunities came to help train people in the rural sector with trails for walking, mountain bike, horse riding and carbon off setting with tree planting around the footprint.

Vince’s passion is also to train people extensively in ‘Sustainable Eco, Agriculture/ rural & Tourism’ practices through the V.E.T. Centre Qld.  With this training people now have an opportunity to set up Farmstay and Camping Australian experiences through profitable well researched businesses.

Vince’s professional background is Law, Marketing and Management.

Vince has a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.  This enables him to train with a Diploma’s & Certificates in Agriculture,Tourism, Business Management, Conservation & Land Managemenrt, Rural Business Management, Rural training, Chainsaws, Civil Construction, Hospitality & First Aid.

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