We are pleased to offer a variety of courses.

One of our current courses is:

Other courses

Student courses:

  • Triple J (Junior Jillaroo/Jackaroo for Year 10, 11 and 12 students)

Outback Experience programs:

  • McCleod’s Daughters 101
  • McCleod’s Daughters 102

Corporate workshops

Youth Leadership courses

Self Esteem workshops

Agriculture & rural training – Readying all ages for work in rural sector

Sustainable Eco & Agri-Tourism courses– Training both employee’s and business operators with both theory and practical experience in Industry.

Employment / Qualification courses:

  • Long-term Unemployed
  • Motivational / Self Empowerment
  • Traineeships in Animal Husbandry
  • Horse Training Certificates

Relationship courses:

  • Father and Son discovery course

Equine Management courses:

  • Rehabilitation & Spelling
  • Weanling & 2yr Starting
  • Equine and rider training


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