It’s not about the horse.  It’s about overcoming fear and self-doubt. Wyatt Webb (Creator of Equine Experince in Arizona, US)

The Australian Equine Experience is tailor made to suit the needs of individual horses and people.

We offer full range of Natural Horsemanship’ training for both the horse and the rider for all disciplines and for all breeds.  We have ‘started’ (Broken-in) or post conditioned to further develop their skills to be ‘Winners’ in the Equine world.

Vince works with all disciplines and breeds of horses. His focus is on helping each horse to reach its full potential through natural horsemanship. At the same time he offers the opportunity for the owner to be an active participant in this unique starting and training process. This enables both horse and rider to grow together in order to achieve a successful and rewarding life-long partnership.

VET Centre Training includes:

  • Starting’ young horses
  • Pre and Post Conditioning
  • Corrective training
  • Horse Whispering demonstrations
  • Customised tuition (hourly and weekly, both private and groups)
  • Guided trail rides and mustering
  • Agisting lifestyle companions (also specialising in rehabilitation and acute care)
  • Over 30 years experience


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