Do you have a grant that you would like your business to apply for?
Do you lack the time or confidence to put together a grant application?
Have you previously applied for grants and been unsuccessful?

V.E.T. Centre can help!

Grant Writing - V.E.T. Centre Qld - Vocational Education & Training
Ezra Hasson-Carige - V.E.T. Centre QLD
Writing a good grant application is hard work and takes time. 

Each application must follow set rules about style and content, meet a set of eligibility criteria, present a strong business case and be written in a compelling manner that convinces the grantor that your business is a good one to invest in.

Grant funding is highly competitive. Assessors review many applications, making it crucial to present a compelling, concise, easy to read application that addresses all the stated criteria and requirements.

As an ex-Associate Professor in Legal Research, Reasoning and Writing, Ezra has 17 years of both successfully applying for grants and adjudicating on grant applications in the academic context. Drawing on that extensive experience, she now provides full grant writing services to a range of business clients.

Ezra brings excellent writing, research and analytical skills, attention to detail, the ability to quickly understand complex information and instructions, and strong project management and organisational skills to the grant application process.

The benefits of using our grant writing services include:

  • Having more time to work on other priorities in your business.
  • Submitting a professionally written proposal that is more likely to succeed.
  • Peace of mind that your proposal will comply with eligibility and success criteria.
  • Someone to help you identify and address any shortcomings in your business case.

Take the stress and guesswork out of the grant application process.
Let Ezra work with you to produce the strongest possible application and increase your chances of success.